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Angela Lavanish

September 9, 2020 | by sau1admin

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Centeral Coordinator

Hi, my name is Angie LaVanish.

I live in Huntingdon County and I am the Central Coordinator for SAU1. I started in September 2017.

It is important to me to be a self advocate because it helps me support the people I love to speak up, make decisions, learn new information, find others to support them, know their rights and responsibilities, solve problems, listen and learn, reach out to others, make friendships, and learn self-determination.

I became part of SAU1 because I believe in the values and mission of supporting self advocates. Knowledge is power and everything I learn helps support my children and cousins who have developmental disabilities.

My favorite thing about SAU1 is the self advocates. They are on the front line and they have taught me so much about self advocacy. I hope to help SAU1 support the self advocates to spread knowledge. I also hope these connections can continue to support the people I love to learn how to speak up.

In my life outside of SAU1, I enjoy spending time with my family. I also play guitar for the worship team at my church and at open mic nights every month.

I have an associate’s degree in business administration.

My vision for my everyday life is to create balance and control. I like to be organized and have enough time for planning, I like to have balance between family, work, friends, church activities, and, of course, making music.

I have 2 cats named Patch and Bandit. Patch lost his leg in an accident a few months ago. I love how gentle he is and he is resilient. Bandit is playful and enjoys chasing around her toy mice and other toys.

My favorite food is anything chocolate. I especially like semi-sweet dark chocolate.

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