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A group of smiling people with fingers raised to show they are united as 1, some standing, others using wheelchairs., under a tent with the Self Advocates United as 1 logo and purple text on it that says T. A. R. P. Technical Assistance for Real Participation..

Are you a person with disabilities who feels you are not included?

Are you a person who wants to better include people with disabilities?

Either way we’ve got you covered with TARP

TARP, Technical Assistance for Real Participation, is a service SAU1 provides.

SAU1 uses TARP everyday in all of our work, to make sure all Power Staff and Power Leaders, and the thousands of people we connect with every year, are included in a real way.  

SAU1 Power Staff are experts at TARP.  Why?  Because most of our staff live with disability! 

SAU1 leaders and staff know that: 

  • our world is full of people with many different abilities, and
  • all people have important gifts and skills to offer.

When people with many different abilities are included, it: 

  • shows the value of and respect for all people, 
  • offers new ways to learn from each other, and
  • expands everyone’s connections.

Founder, Past President, and SAU1’s Lead Power Staff, Oscar Drummond says:

"We are NOT

tokens to be played with!"


Past President, and SAU1’s Lead Power Staff, Oscar Drummond smiling
and holding an award from 
the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University
presented to Self Advocates United as 1, in May 2013,
for promoting best practices in
Self Determination and Leadership Development. 

Just “adding” people with different abilities does not mean they are included. 

Here are some of the ways we and others feel when we are just “added”:

  • the physical space is not accessible – entrance, restrooms, lighting, etc,  
  • we don’t get the support we want and need,
  • we are not heard, acknowledged, seen, or paid attention to, 
  • people are talking to our staff, not to us,
  • people pretend to understand our words when they don’t, and 
  • disrespected when others speak or answer for us without our permission. 

TARP works!

You and your group can get tools and resources to include all people in a real way.  

People with disabilities can contact us at 724 588 2378 or

If your group is interested in TARP, email our TARP Coordinator Teri Brewer at or call our office at 724 588 2378 for more information.   

  • Since 2017, the PA Office of Developmental Programs contracts with SAU1 to provide TARP for projects and advisory meetings. 
  • TARP has been provided through contracts with other groups like the Central ASERT, the Capacity Building Institute, Temple University, and others. 
  • TARP is offered to grantees of the PA Developmental Disabilities Council, at no cost, when approved by the Council staff. This is through SAU1’s Self Advocacy Support  grant. Email for more information. 

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