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A person standing at the front of a room speaking while a group of people sit at a table nearby listening and taking notes.

Knowledge is Power! Use it!

A smiling person with dark hair, wearing glasses and black clothes, using a wheelchair.

Power Staff Oscar Drummond smiling. 


Connect with people and organizations in person and in other ways.

Twenty three people smiling and holding up one finger to show they are united as one. Some of them are standing, some using wheelchairs.

SAU1 Power Staff and Board celebrating at the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg in the fall of 2018.  


Include and support the participation of all kinds of people in our work. 

Two people talking, both using wheelchairs. One with short red hair, glasses, a red shirt and skirt and light blue jacket, the other with short dark brown hair, glasses, black pants and a black, gray and white striped sweater.

SAU1 Board Member Lori McFarland and Board Advisor Carolyn Morgan talking. 


Listen to self advocates to learn what they think, what questions they have, and what they want to see happen in their lives.  

 Two people sitting at a table, one wearing a white shirt, the other wearing a black shirt, going over some paperwork.

Power Staff and Lead Ambassador Oscar Drummond looks at some documents with Power Staff Sharon Harper Young.


Learn from people about their lives, and we learn about other issues that may be important to people.

A PDF of a document

SAU1 Antivirus Power Connect Calendar for July 20th to July 31st 2020.


Share info that may help people make positive changes in their lives and communities. 

A person with short brown hair wearing glasses, and a shirt and tie speaking into a microphone at a rally.

SAU1 Board member Matt Stinner shares why funding for people with disabilities is important to him at a rally at the Capitol rotunda in Harrisburg, PA in June 2016.


Speak up at meetings and events so the voice of self advocates is heard.  

A smiling person with short brown hair, wearing glasses and a green sweater, using a wheelchair, in front of a sign for the Pennsylvania Independent Regulatory Review Commission.

Then Vice President Lori McFarland after the government hearing to support the Chapter 6100 Regulations.


Impact people’s lives and communities through all of our work.

A person in a peach dress and another person in a gray hat and white shirt in a small photo with arrows pointing to where they are standing in a larger photo of over 1000 people at a rally at the Pennsylvania Capitol.

SAU1 Power Staff Renee Benise (peach dress) and Josh Harper (left of Renee) speak up, about the importance of funding services for people with disabilities.


When we work together as one team we are a powerful group!

Knowledge is power, use it to connect with us!

Learn more about Self Advocates United as 1’s (SAU1) work, being a self advocate, and
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