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Coalition On Disability Inclusive Curriculum Newsletter

November 8, 2023 | by sau1admin

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Coalition On Disability Inclusive Curriculum


September / October 2023

Building a Movement Across the State:

The Coalition is thankful to have taken part in several opportunities to inform and build the movement for a Disability Inclusive Curriculum. These events were made possible this month by invitations from Coalition organizations across the state:

Disability Pride Philadelphia & Disability Pride Pittsburgh 2023

Thanks to Vicki Landers for the invitations to these two Pride events! It was great to see so many of our supporters there and share information about our Coalition and the Disability Inclusive Curriculum at our resource tables. At Philadelphia Pride, we were entertained by Gab Bonesso. We later talked about the synergy of our work as well as the virtual and live programming on bullying delivered in area schools by The Josh and Gab Show. Gab is excited about the pilot! We will be exploring ways to collaborate intending to eradicate stigma in young people. We look forward to talking with more folks at Disability Pride Harrisburg on October 7th!

ID :[Sharon is wearing a purple shirt with a green Coalition button sitting at the exhibit table smiling and wearing glasses.]

ID:[Alan Holdsworth seated at the Coalition exhibit table. Alan is handing out a printed brochure explaining the Disability Inclusive Curriculum to Gab, a comedian entertainer and bullying advocate, who is wearing a tan hat and black shirt and is smiling and looking interested.]

ID:[Alan is smiling in his wheelchair wearing a black cowboy hat and shirt with musical notes. Next to him is Wendy Elliott -Vandivier smiling in her wheelchair wearing glasses a green tee & straw hat. She is holding a coloring book she illustrated. Danielle (Alan’s daughter) is standing in the back smiling in an aqua tee shirt.]

ADA Anniversary Celebration in Williamsport PA.

Misty Dion, CEO of Rhodes to Freedom, the Center for Independent Living, was excited to discuss future plans for consumer advocates’ access to training that connects with schools in Western Pa. We asked Disability Equality Education (DEE) to add a section on their website to promote this so stay tuned for more.

Organizations that have disabled consumers can sign up here:

For more information email:


Temple University 2023 Disability Summit:

Hosted by State Representative Hohenstein, this event was held on September 14th at the Temple Institute on Disabilities Student Center. Alan Holdsworth, who pioneered the idea of a Disability Inclusive Curriculum, was invited to participate in an advocacy panel. Alan highlighted the road to victory for this legislation and emphasized the importance of the concept of “Nothing About Us Without Us”. It was great to meet all the attendees, build relationships, and share the journey for Disability Inclusive Curriculum. Thank you to Temple for the opportunity and the table space to share our information. We especially enjoyed sharing our story with students we met at the event from the neuro-diverse and intellectual disabilities communities who are attending Temple and Gwynedd Mercy University this year.

Update from PATTAN:

Disability Equality in Education (DEE) has been invited to attend the Pennsylvania Disability Inclusive Curriculum Pilot “kickoff” session, which will occur live at each regional PaTTAN office on Wednesday, November 29, 2023. The tentative time frame for the session is 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM. We have requested an agenda and will share it with you and seek your comments when we receive it.

Spread the Word

  • Remember: The lessons and toolkit for Disability Inclusive Curriculum is free to educators anywhere!

  • DEE has been working hard to develop ways to support schools and educators.

  • When talking to schools, invite them to check out the new sections added to the website below:

  • Welcome participants:

  • Offer support:

  • Please join our efforts in making sure all schools are aware of how to access the toolkit in the SAS portal.

    Update from DEE

    Coalition members and DEE volunteers continue to vet, recommend and add resources to its website.

    We recently received a wonderful 5-star review from a teacher who used this lesson.

    Here is the review: “The lesson Recognizing Literal and Figurative Language, Idioms & Metaphors Lesson” from Diane Andrews.

    Comment: “It is a great addition to my ELA curriculum. Easy to use & students enjoyed it!” Rating: 5/5 (extremely satisfied)

    This lesson was written by Lisa, a Coalition member and then set to Common Core Standards by one of our Coalition experts Kate Small.

    We want to hear from you!

     Let us know what schools your organization is working with.

     Are there any upcoming events we should know about?

     Is there a newsletter, Facebook page or podcast that we should know about?

     Who are you talking to this month about the Disability Inclusive Curriculum? Let us know!

    Keep in touch with us:


    Phone: 267-608-0913

    Visit us on Facebook:

    Together we can do great things!

    This newsletter was made possible by the

    Pennsylvania Disability Council PADDC

    Coalition on Disability Inclusive Curriculum, 3607 Windsor Drive, Bensalem, PA 19020, United States
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