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Memorial Gallery For Larry Kubey

Two smiling people next to each other, one standing, the other using a wheelchair.
A selfie of two smiling people.
Three people next to a sign in a hotel lobby, the person in the middle using a wheelchair, and two people standing on each side of the person in the middle.

SAU1 Board Member Larry Kubey and Vice President Carolyn Morgan at Hamburg Center 8-20-13.

 Kaye Lenkner and Larry Kubey March 9 2015.

SAU1 Staff Larry Kubey, Oscar Drummond and Kaye Lenkner as recognized guests while traveling.

A person standing outside in a crowd.
Two people standing next to each other, one holding a microphone.
A group of smiling people in a hotel lobby, some standing, others using wheelchairs.

Larry at an outdoor rally at the Harrisburg Capital for funding for people with disabilities 10-17-2012.

Larry with Savannah at Selinsgrove 3-1-2012.

Carolyn Morgan, Savannah Logsdon-Breakstone, and Larry Kubey May 2015.

A smiling person sitting at a table in a hotel lobby near a fireplace.
Two smiling people next to each other, one using a wheelchair, and the other standing.
Two people standing next to each other in front of a building.

Larry Kubey, relaxing after a long days work as a Board member in Harrisburg March 9 2015.

John Knorr, and Larry Kubey at Ebensburg June 30, 2015.

Larry and Savannah at Everett High School 4-17-12.

Two people sitting next to each other in front of a laptop computer, one of them using a wheelchair.

Oscar and Larry at Selinsgrove State Center 11-29-2011.

A portrait of a person with glasses, wearing a purple hat, a green sweater with a sticker on it that says “we choose,” gray pants, and multicolored shoes, standing  in front of space and holding a yellow and blue ribbon for Down’s Syndrome awareness. The person is illuminated by the stars and smiling at them.

This beautiful artwork of Larry was created by our friend and colleague, Eugenia Morse and donated to SAU1 in honor of Larry.

Memories Of Larry

Larry knew every word of all the old songs.  ~Carolyn Morgan, SAU1 Board Adviser and former Vice President.
  When I first met him he gave me a very good welcome to SAU1. When I first started, I was so nervous. I didn’t know what to expect.  When I met Larry, I was traveling with the group. Kaye told them, “We have a new member in SAU1.” Larry was waiting outside for everyone to get through and he took my hand and kissed it and said, “Welcome to SAU1.” That made me feel so at ease, I thought, “Ok, I can do it now.”  ~Lori McFarland, Board Member
Larry loved all music. We often called him the Music Man. He could tell you the year a song came out, who performed it, and where it was in the Billboard charts. We never found anyone who could stump him!  Larry also loved puns. He wasn't always good at them, but he got such joy from making them that it was always fun.  Larry and I were doing outreach for SAU1 at a high school. Larry and I were about the same age. An older woman came up to our table, and asked me if Larry was my son! Larry never let me forget it.  It was my pleasure to be able to provide transportation for Larry until he needed more support than I could provide. We sang, laughed, and enjoyed meals together. Larry would practice what we teach - speaking up until you get what you want and need - by advocating for longer trips with more nights in a hotel.  I will miss Larry's big smile, his wonderful hugs, his music and sense of humor, and his desire to share what he knew to help other people.  ~Kaye Lenkner, Operations Manager
Larry was a really nice and friendly person. I liked talking to him and he liked talking to me. Whenever we were together we always talked to each other.  ~Kathleen Prosperi, Board Member
  Spending time with Larry was great. We got along great. He had a lot of good ideas for the group. He was a great guy.  Larry was just a good spirit for all. He definitely loved people and enjoyed life. He was an inspiration and a go-getter. He was a really funny guy and a blast to be around. It was a joy to be around him.  Larry will be missed, but your brother was an inspiration to my life. It was a good friendship. I loved him and he will be deeply missed.  ~Oscar Drummond, Lead Ambassador and Power Coach, and former SAU1 Board President
 can’t really wordify what Larry meant as an elder in our community, and it’s such a loss to lose him.  ~Savannah Logsdon-Breakstone, SAU1 Power Staff & Former Vice President

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