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Memorial Gallery For Brad El

A smiling person, writing on a piece of paper.
Two people at the front of a room, giving a presentation to a group of people.
A smiling person, writing on a piece of paper.

SAU1 Power Staff William Brewer and the late Brad El work on their Visions for their Everyday Lives at a staff event in March 2018.

SAU1 Power Staff William Brewer and the late Brad El empower self advocates to work toward a Vision for their Everyday Lives with a presentation in February 2020.

Brad works on his LifeCourse Trajectory.

Two smiling people, one in a wheelchair, the other standing, going over some paperwork.
Two people sitting next to each other, one reading from a piece of paper, the other looking.
A group of smiling people in a hotel lobby, some standing, others using wheelchairs.

SAU1 Power Staff Oscar Drummond and the Late Brad El Working on Oscars Vision Staff Development March 2018.

SAU1 Power Staff William Brewer shares his Vision for his Everyday Life while the late Brad El looks on at a staff event in March 2018.

Members of SAU1s Power Board and Staff take a break from the Fall 2019 board meeting to pose for a photo with fingers raised to show they are united as 1.

Two people, one raising their hand, sitting next to each other.

Brad raises his hand during a staff development event.

drawing, the background is a yellow background with purple leaves scattered across. The foreground, or front, is a silhouette, or shadow, of a man. in the stars. He has white glasses, a checkered suit on with a silver and pink bow tie. His arms are out and he is giving a speech with a smile and open hands. He is sparking from his bow tie to his hands.

This beautiful artwork of Brad was created by our friend and colleague Eugenia Morse and donated to SAU1 in honor of Brad.

Memories Of Brad

The times when SAU1 was at the Quality Inn hotel in Altoona Pa.  Brad always made you feel welcomed. Brad's presence made me feel that way. Brad truly had a gift of showing others his compassionate heart. - Renee Benise, Power Staff
The thing I always remember about Brad is that he was always very encouraging.  He knew that I was into music and was always singing songs and suggesting I bring my guitar for and sing at an upcoming training.  Loved his energy and spirit!! He will be missed!  ~Angie Lavanish, Central Coordinator
Sadly, I never had the opportunity to meet Brad in person.  But I talked to him on the phone often in the course of our work and the thing that I remember often is that he never ended a conversation with me without saying,
I'm sad to say I only knew Brad for a short time, and learned a lot from him. He is missed. Brad had such compassion for others. He always made it a point to compliment others, to make them feel good about themselves. Brad gave me a gift the last time I saw him -

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