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Need $$$$?          Want a fun and important job?          Do you like to help people learn?

Be a Power Coach for SAU1!

Who can be a Power Coach? Only people

with intellectual disabilites or autism,

who are 18 years or older, and

who live in Pennsylvania.

Where do Power Coaches work?

Most of the time, remotely over the internet using and SAU1 computer.

They can choose to do some of their work from home, a coffee shop, or a friend's office.

They travel to events in their area or all over the state, when there is less risk of Covid.

Sometimes, they travel to other parts of the state and stay in hotels.

What do Power Coaches do? All kinds of stuff!

Be part of meetings over the internet with other SAU1 staff.

Help think of wht to talk about, and how to do it.

Take part in meetings with other people to make important changes in communities.

Be a presenter with a team of other SAU1 staff.

And lots more!

When do Power Coaches work?

Regular meeting schedules are given out for each month.

Most work times are during the day during the week.

Sometimes the work is in the evening or on the weekends.

Power Coaches work with SAU1 Project Coordinators to figure out other good times to work.

Most Power Coaches choose to work 5 to 15 hours a week.

How do Power Coaches learn their job?

Power Coaches learn by becoming part of events, meetings, and calls.

Other staff will teach, mentor, and show folks what to do and how to do it.

Ask questions - we believe All Respectful Questions are Good!

What about pay and other benefits?

Power Coaches earn $13.50 an hour.

Payday is every two weeks.

Paychecks may be mailed or directly deposited.

Power Coaches get a monthly allowance to help pay for their phone and internet.

Holiday pay, paid sick time, and other paid time off are part of the benefits.

Power Coaches get all other benefits required by the government.

What do people do to get this great job?

Rita is your contact to start talking about how YOU can share your power.

Call her at 724 588 2378 or email her at

Tell her your name, that you want to be a Power Coach, and the best way (phone number or email) to get in touch with you. Someone will reach out to you within a week to talk more.

Want to learn more from some of our current Power Coaches? 

Check out these videos from Oscar, William, and Joe!




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