SAU1 Voting Teleconference Summary

Voting Rights

Everyone has the fundamental right to vote, and everyone has the right to get needed assistance.


Voting ID Requirements

A big voting issue recently is Voter ID Laws in Texas. On April 10, 2017, SB 14 (SB 14 is the law enacted by Texas Legislators) the District Court has once again ruled that the SB 14 law is intended to discriminate against minority voters in Texas. This ruling for SB 14 has set precedent for other states with the case law “Texas NAACP v. Steen” (consolidated with “Veasey v. Abbott”). For more information about this law CLICK HERE.

That being said, there are only 2 times when trying to vote that it is mandatory to show ID. You need to show ID when you go to vote for the first time, and you need to show ID if you go to a polling place that you have never been to before. If you have already voted in the past, and you have voted at the polling place before you do NOT have to show ID.

If you feel like you are being forced to show ID at a polling place in an illegal manner, Please call the hotline number listed below.


Polling Place Accessibility

Last week in Washington County, 39 surveys were completed for inaccessible polling places. Those surveys were sent to the state for review. If you visit a polling place and it is inaccessible for any reason please let us know. A polling place would be considered inaccessible if there is no wheel chair ramp, if it doesn’t have at least one accessible voting machine or computer, or if there is no one there to accommodate the needs of somebody with a disability.

If your polling place is inaccessible, or if one of your friends tell you their polling place is inaccessible, please call the hotline number below and report the polling place. This will help your communities by trying to get those places accessible for everyone’s needs.


Disability Rights Pennsylvania Hotline

Disability Rights Pennsylvania Hotline 1-800-692-7443

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