Are These Needs Special? #NotSpecialNeeds

Are These Needs special?

*NOT SPECIAL NEEDS | March 21 – World Down Syndrome Day | #NotSpecialNeeds

Words are important; they represent the alphabet of our culture. If we want to change our culture then we must start by reflecting on the words that we use and what they reveal about how we think. We need to educate ourselves and others about how changes in language can demolish prejudice, change our mindsets and, as a consequence, our reality.

 Ask yourself: what “special needs” does a person with Down syndrome really have? Check out to discover a new perspective.





*This video is being distributed freely to help disseminate information, and educate people about down syndrome. SAU1 does not own this video, and all credit is given to the original author. Because this information is being distributed freely for educational purposes this would fall under fair use. You can view source citations and fair use definition HERE.

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