Milestone HCQU West’s iPad Lending Program

Provides iPads on loan to evaluate as assistive technology.

Touch-screen technologies like the iPad have revolutionized the lives of many people with disabilities. Apps designed to aid with communication, daily living, and motor skills have unlocked a world of both inclusion and independence that some have never before experienced.

Do you support a person who you think might benefit from an iPad, but would like to try it first? Maybe we can help!
  • This FREE service is available to individuals with intellectual and
    developmental disabilities who reside in Armstrong, Beaver, Butler,
    Clarion, Crawford, Indiana, Lawrence, Mercer, and Venango counties
  • All iPads have a loan period of 30 days
If you are interested in learning more about this service, please
contact us at 724-283-0990 or



PROLOQUO2GO is designed to ensure growth of communication skills and to promote language development. It covers all users, from beginning to advanced users, while catering for a wide range of fine – motor, visual and cognitive skills.
SPEAKIT! TEXT TO SPEECH translates typed words (emails, Word documents, messages typed directly into the app, and more) into an audio voice.
TOUCHCHAT HD is a full – featured communication solution for individuals who have difficulty using their natural voice.
ICOMMUNICATE lets you design visual schedules, storyboards, communication boards, routines,
flash cards, choice boards, speech cards, and more. It is customizable to your needs.
MYTALKTOOLS MOBILE is a next generation AAC app that helps people with communication difficulties say what they want with sequences of words, sounds and images. You choose the content (simple grids or boards with bold images) and play recorded sounds when you touch a cell. The sequences can even form complete sentences.
EVERYDAY SKILLS provides self-directed learning sessions for 40 important skills necessary for living independently and accessing the community based on proven content.
LIVING SAFELY provides self-directed learning sessions for important safety skills topics based on proven content. It provides an accessible learning tool that is specifically designed to be used directly by individuals with autism, learning or other developmental disabilities at their own pace.

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